A little layover in Shanghai

This was both of our first time in mainland China, although we don't consider a transfer to be a trip we still managed to learn a great deal and taste some new treats. We arrived in Shanghai at 4:30 am and our next flight wasn't until 9. This seems like a good amount of time to do some airport roaming but it was one of the most poorly organized airports either of us has ever been to. We didn't get to the terminals and shops until almost 7 - which was still enough time for a little adventure.

Although several restaurants opened early we opted to scavenge at the Family Mart, a classic Asian shop that has many snacks to choose from. I always love a good salmon triangle so we got three different types. My favorite treat from Family Mart was definitely the Milk Tea. The packaging, with a white frilly top and a cow shaped like a tea bag, instantly made me want to try it and I am so glad I did! It was very well balanced and not sweetened. I hope Japan sells these too πŸ˜πŸ˜† 

Next was dessert at Acting Cafe: ice cream waffle sandwich in vanilla and green tea, a matcha cream puff, and hot milk tea (yes I'm a little obsessed). The ice cream and milk tea where somewhat disappointing but the cream puff made up for both.

Lets actually talk about the cream puff for a minute: this thing was amazingly delicious. What really impressed me was the flaky crispy shell, it started to crumble as soon as I started to open it. The outside had a deeper caramelized flavor while inside it was just slightly doughy. The cream balanced the shell perfectly. I have to admit that this was my favorite airport treat. 

Between the milk tea and cream puff I am tempted to forget the crazy lines and completely disorganized boarding, not to mention the delayed takeoff due to air traffic. The fact that all our food cost around 85 yuan and everyone accepted our no international fee Amex (finally!) makes the layover worth the trouble. 

On to more delicious adventures in Tokyo! (If our flight ever makes it out of Shanghai 😝)